Brian Griffin

These photographs come from a body of work that was made for the City of London’s Broadgate Project (constructed between 1985-1990) for the development company Rosehaugh Stanhope. Built in a period of boom in both the financial and property markets, the project pioneered new methods of fast construction. Griffin’s photographic work reflected these innovative methods and the photography represents the epitome of his exploration into new ways of photographing mundane subject matter. He conceived "The Big Tie" series of photographs (the tie being an eighties emblem of young upwardly mobile professionals) for the corporate promotional publication and ended the series off with "Big Bang", a photographed explosion in the middle of the construction site that also refers to the deregulation of the financial markets in 1986. However, at a time that witnessed the rise of the upwardly mobile, Griffin also paid homage to the builders and artisans who worked on the project; in these photographs, which are reminiscent of Constructivist imagery, the subjects assume heroic status. The photographs from this project were published as the book ‘Work’.

Griffin told an interviewer, “I was essentially a commercial photographer, even though my commercial work would always go on gallery walls, ...I would turn my commercial work into my own work, by taking it personally.”


City of London’s Broadgate Project
(constructed between 1985-1990)


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