Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt set out to imagine the East End childhood of Alfred Hitchcock in both geographical and psychological terms. The photographs of David George revisit places where Hitchcock might have walked as a child. George uses night time photography to capture some of the sense of mystery and menace found in many of Hitchcock’s films. Spencer Rowell chose to explore the psychological worldview of a young child encountering a domestic interior as anxious, traumatic and fearful. Rowell also photographed himself in the church of Saint Ignacious at Stamford Hill, where Hitchcock attended school. Nick Haeffner, who curated the project, contributed a set of still life images based on domestic objects featured in Hitchcock films.

The project was conceived and commissioned in association with the East End Archive at the Cass in 2011 as an exhibition, international symposium and exhibition catalogue. It developed many of the key ideas behind the East End archive including the notion that an archive might consist of imagined or fictional photographs as well as documentary ones. The project also engaged with the idea that the East End is no longer conceived of as a clearly defined space but increasingly as an imagined space of fear and desire which exceeds geographical boundaries and spreads its tentacles ever more Eastwards.


Exhibited work

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